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Social Strategy Vs. Planning

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Teams have winning strategies. Businesses have strategies for sales and growth. Teachers have strategies for success. Where is your social strategy for your digital presence?

Social Strategy Vs. Planning

Did you know that having a social strategy and planning for your digital presence are two distinct endeavors? Planning your themes for content sharing is a must-do for digital marketing success this year. Knowing ahead of time the themes through which you will share content makes for easier creation and focused growth. You want your message to remain cohesive throughout your sharing and having a plan simplifies that process. So by all means, do some thematic and structured planning for the content you will create and share throughout the year.

Your digital strategy should be different. Your digital strategy should encompass a variety of plans to pivot, change directions, and meet the curve balls that each platform will throw. A digital strategy is your ability to be flexible and meet the demand of each platform with your content. You should be able to quickly make decisions and pivot your content or ways of sharing at the flick of a switch.

A Protection Plan

I've heard it said before and believe truly that if your favorite platform goes away tomorrow, where will that leave you? I do think that paying the cost of your own hosting, keeping files, videos and content separate from your platform postings is incredibly necessary. You need to have a presence on a variety of platforms. This not only opens you to a variety of new followers and connections but it allows you to pick up the pieces if something were to happen. Save your Facebook live videos, back up your YouTube creations and keep your graphics and images for later use. (ThrowbackThursday, anyone?)

As platforms change your strategy should not remain the same. Be active, be informed and be visible.

If you need help navigating the digital and social world of business in your industry- please reach out!