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Social Civility

There are many things to remember when running a brick & mortar business. 
Most are easy: Don't pillage & plunder, take care with your language and generally refrain from acting like a buffoon. 
Many of the same things can be said for your online presence, yet many a faux pas is made by savvy business owners who just don't understand the rules of managing their brand online. 

Let me save you a few headaches: 
1) You DO need to be online.
Whichever platform is best for your niche, be present but be intentional.

2) Identify and promote a brand voice that aligns with your goals. 
You need to know WHO and WHAT your brand is before you begin to post online. That doesn't mean your brand has to stay stagnant but changes and pivots should be made that are in line with your brand and goals versus simply what is trending that month. 

3) DON'T argue with clients or customers online. (I would advise against arguing in general but I understand that we don't always see eye-to-eye so a discussion may be in order.)
This is different from engaging with clients & customers. It is important to have a consistent presence online with regular posting and responding appropriately to followers. This helps to build your following and aid in the transparency of business that is so prevalent these days. 

4) Have a prepared set of responses for reviews and common posts left on your page or platform.
This will help you to stay calm and refrain from responding emotionally to both positive and negative feedback. 
Thank you, Margaret, for visiting us today. We are happy we were able to help you find something you enjoyed! We hope to have the opportunity to serve you again soon. 
Margaret, we appreciate the opportunity to meet your needs and understand that you are unsatisfied with your visit today. We would appreciate having an opportunity to speak to you about how we can improve our customer satisfaction regarding your visit. Please expect a call from us shortly. 

The response above allows you to give the client or customer the acknowledgment that they were dissatisfied while providing an option for taking the dialogue offline and promoting a positive and open line of communication. 

5) Be patient.
Growing a genuine and engaging following takes time and dedication. Continue to post value-adding content and engage with your community and you will continue to see genuine growth!

When you take the time to create a well-crafted presence online it will help to serve as an aid for your brand in sharing your identity to potential clients. 

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