My title

meet the maven

I'm Meg

Lover of all things tweetable

A Pin-Happy, Insta-Struck, LinkedIn Junkie, that Facebooks daily and an attentive, creative-content connoisseur. *Snap, Snap* (See what I did there?!)

I can usually be found with at least one kid on each hip, and my coffee in my hand. I cannot wait to learn more about your brand!

As a teacher turned social media junkie I have put my Curriculum & Instruction Master's in Technology to good use.

I am an avid user of all platforms

I am consistently researching, reading, and adapting to stay on top of current and emerging trends. This allows me the opportunity to give my clients the best chance to be successful within their industries.  

my clients

My clients run the gamut

From social media newbies to those with established followings but the needs tend to be similar. You want to get the word out about your company and product while creating those relationships that are essential to building your brand. 

Social Media is the Bridge to connect the two

There is no greater joy in my work than when a client says "You really get me" or "My colleagues said they are seeing us everywhere." I strive to provide you with a customized social plan that meets your goals, and encompasses your business' unique voice. I believe in open communication, idea sharing and teamwork.

Your success is my triumph

As you search for the right social media manager for your platforms remember that the best fit for you is one that has your best interests at heart and wants your business to succeed. 

If you feel that we would work well together, and I know we would, let's set up a time to discuss!


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